It is a very rare treat to meet a fresh, distinct and great idea in the music industry, one that is with authenticity and integrity. Vibrer is a new way both for musicians and their audience, outside of the realm of endless hassle and vanity perpetuated by the major labels and their streaming platforms. Here we had a good time to talk to one of Vibrer‘s founder, Raduan, and if there is only one takeaway before you read on: there is still greatness in people and hope for community.

Raduan: Hi, my name is Raduan, and together with Waseem, we co-founded Vibrer. Our journey began with a shared passion for music and the realization that many talented artists lack the recognition they deserve. Initially conceived as a community app, Vibrer evolved into a full-fledged social media platform dedicated to music enthusiasts. Our aim is to give talented artists a platform to showcase their talent to a wider audience without any restrictions. Vibrer is more than an app; it’s a celebration and promotion of undiscovered musical talent, providing a unique space for artists and music lovers to connect and grow together.

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! I’ve just re-watched Vibrer’s singing competition video. Quite an uplifting spirit!

Raduan: Wow, thank you so much! Hearing this energizes us immensely! At Vibrer, we’re passionate about creating a platform that not only showcases talent but also sparks a wave of inspiration and connection. Every contribution, every artist, and every single note helps us create a world filled with light and hope. It’s incredible to share this journey of musical discoveries and unforgettable moments with such a vibrant community. Let’s rock the music world together! And yes, this is just the beginning! We’re kicking things off with a contest, but that’s just a taste of what’s to come. In the near future, we plan to roll out many more cool and interesting features that will make Vibrer even more exciting and unique. Stay tuned, because we’re just getting started on our mission to revolutionize the music world!

Music Authentic: Is it in the trail of Got Talent?

Raduan: The excitement and concept behind “Got Talent” undeniably inspire us, as it showcases the diversity and depth of hidden talents. Yet, at Vibrer, we aim for something beyond just competition. We envision a platform that serves not only as a stage for contests but as a lasting home for musicians, singers, and music lovers. Our goal is to foster a community where every contribution matters, and every artist has the opportunity to raise their voice in a supportive and inspiring environment. Vibrer is about creating deep connections between artists and audiences, offering innovative ways to interact and share music. We dream of a world where music flows without borders, and everyone has the chance to be touched and heard through its power. Vibrer isn’t just a project; it’s our passion to revolutionize the music world and provide a spotlight for every talent to shine.

Music Authentic: As I saw, more and more competitions are about to come. Who can apply? For example, someone who’s been practicing but not signed?

Raduan: Indeed, anyone passionate about music can apply at Vibrer. Our aim is to create an exclusive platform for music enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether an artist is well-known or not, commercially successful or a newcomer, everyone sharing a passion for music is welcome. Having a record deal is not a benchmark for talent; pure love for music is what counts.

We started with an open singing contest accessible to all musicians, regardless of their language, genre, or origin. At Vibrer, the decision of who is good is left to a jury composed of the community itself—anyone from around the world can be part of the jury. This democratic and communal approach is very important to us.

In the future, we plan to expand the range of our contests to nurture even more diversity of talents. From DJ contests to singer-songwriter competitions, dance, and rock contests. We also want to offer specific linguistic or regional competitions, such as a Spanish Contest or a Bollywood Contest, to reflect the global diversity of the music scene. Vibrer aims to be a home for all who not just love music, but live it.

Music Authentic: Vibrer’s website seems to be vibrant and upbeat. Was it an intentional choice in today’s doom scrolling world?

Raduan: In our vision with Vibrer, we aim to create something unique with music at its core. Conversations with musicians have often highlighted the struggle to gain recognition, with emotional pieces getting lost in the digital noise between prank videos and cooking shows. Our goal with Vibrer is to provide a space where music and artists are appreciated away from the fleeting nature of social media feeds, spotlighting musicians and their art deservedly and fostering a platform that promotes positivity and inspiration. We firmly believe in the power of art and music to change our perspectives and inspire a more optimistic view of the world. Vibrer is intended to be a place where music and musicians receive the appreciation they deserve, united by a community’s love for music.

Music Authentic: One of the best -and most fortunate- decision was, I think, that you put out a roadmap. Transparency and accountability are rare treats these days, especially in the music industry…

Raduan: Thank you for recognizing the effort! Indeed, publishing a roadmap was a crucial step for us at Vibrer. We believe transparency and accountability are foundational for building trust, especially in an industry as dynamic and challenging as music. It’s our way of showing commitment not just to our goals, but to the artists, fans, and community we serve. This approach allows us to navigate the complexities of the music world while staying aligned with our values and the expectations of our audience.

Music Authentic: How did the idea come and who are behind the scenes?

Raduan: The idea for Vibrer arose about two years ago amidst the global pandemic, which made traditional concerts and live performances nearly impossible. The driving force behind this idea were dedicated and passionate individuals who recognized that in this time of change, new ways had to be found to support art and music.

Behind the scenes of Vibrer are people who believe in the power of music and the significance of live performances for both artists and their audience. These individuals have tirelessly worked to create a platform that provides artists worldwide with the opportunity to showcase their music to a broad audience while also generating income.

The founders, Danny and the team behind Vibrer have learned from numerous conversations with musicians and artists who were seeking new ways to present their art and connect with their audience. They have used their experiences to develop a platform that offers artists an exclusive stage to present their work with dedication and passion.

Thus, Vibrer is the result of the collaboration and dedication of a diverse group of people, all inspired by the vision of a world where music is accessible to everyone and artists receive the recognition and support they deserve.

Music Authentic: A lot of musicians, artists, singer-songwriters are overburdened and basically hassle even for the slightest recognition in the over-saturated and pretty diluted business side of music. How can Vibrer make a difference and avoid just being another platform?

Raduan: Navigating the music industry’s complexities, artists encounter both emotional and professional challenges, balancing their passion with the realities of a competitive field. Vibrer emerges as a beacon of hope, not merely as a digital platform but as a community dedicated to nurturing and recognizing musical talent. Our ambition extends beyond creating another online space; we envision Vibrer as a sanctuary for music lovers and a launchpad for artists, where fear of judgment is replaced with appreciation and support.

At Vibrer, we understand the crucial need for artists to be seen and heard correctly, acknowledging that true talent deserves both recognition and financial reward. Therefore, we introduce avenues for monetization, ensuring that artists are compensated for their creativity and hard work. Our ultimate goal is to foster an environment where artists don’t just persevere but flourish, supported by a community that values authenticity and shared passion for music.

Music Authentic: Supporting each other and creating communities are clear objectives at Vibrer, although it is quite a different thing in this alienated and screen-ruled lifestyle…

Raduan: Absolutely! While our modern lifestyle may be dominated by screens and a sense of alienation, Vibrer aims to counteract this by fostering genuine connections and supportive communities. Despite the challenges posed by our screen-centric culture, Vibrer recognizes the importance of human connection and aims to provide a platform where artists and music enthusiasts can come together, support each other, and build meaningful relationships. Through Vibrer, we strive to create a space where individuals can transcend the isolating effects of technology and find a sense of belonging within a vibrant and supportive community.

Music Authentic: Do you think artists who sign-up for Vibrer should restart their marketing, promotion and outreach solely based on the app?

Raduan: While Vibrer undoubtedly offers a unique platform for artists to showcase their work and connect with their audience, it’s important to consider that we are still in the early stages of development, and Vibrer is continuously evolving. Therefore, artists should not solely focus their marketing, promotion, and outreach efforts on Vibrer alone but view it as an additional tool in their arsenal to reach their audience.

By diversifying their efforts and utilizing various platforms such as social media, live performances, and collaborations, artists can maximize their visibility and engagement. Vibrer can serve as a valuable complement by providing a dedicated space for fans to discover and engage with their music. However, it should not be seen as the sole platform for promotion and outreach.

With Vibrer’s ongoing development, there will be even more opportunities in the future to increase reach and enhance interaction with fans. Hence, it’s advisable for artists to consider Vibrer as part of a broader marketing strategy and focus on the diverse opportunities available in the ever-changing digital landscape

Music Authentic: A lot of times people tend to look for shortcuts and music and the “making it” are no different. Is Vibrer a fast track or rather something different, maybe a new landscape?

Raduan: Vibrer offers unique opportunities for artists to showcase their music and connect with their audience. However, unlike promising quick success or shortcuts, Vibrer represents more of a new landscape in the music industry. It’s a platform that fosters genuine connections between artists and their fans, providing space for authenticity, community, and creativity. Success on Vibrer still requires dedication, hard work, and talent, but the platform creates a space where artists can share their music in a meaningful way and build a loyal fan base. Additionally, Vibrer can bridge the gap between musicians and the industry by offering new avenues for discovery and collaboration. Just as each individual artist is unique, Vibrer aims to be distinctive and exceptional—a platform that celebrates the diversity and creativity of the music world.

Music Authentic: The hardest is to be heard. Streaming companies have been pushing artists to release more and more songs even if those are imperfect – since they want to feed their algorithm and all that for less than peanuts. What about Vibrer? Does it support quality over quantity?

Raduan: Vibrer takes a different approach compared to many streaming platforms. At Vibrer, we don’t determine who is good and who is not. That recognition comes from our users. Our goal is to provide a platform where artists can showcase their best work, and where listeners can discover music that resonates with them on a deeper level. We believe in supporting artists on their creative journey and providing a space where their talent and artistic personality can shine.

There are many hobbyists, semi-professional musicians, and even professional musicians who deliver incredibly high-quality performances but often lack the necessary recognition. Traditional music platforms tend to feature only “successful” artists or benefit them. So, we’ve decided to offer a stage to all artists and musicians worldwide to showcase their music. However, we also recognize that many musicians rely on income from streaming services. Therefore, we want to provide our artists with the opportunity to feel free on our platform while also monetizing their music and content.

Music Authentic: Most of the indie and musician made platforms have been bought up and shut down. How long can people plan with Vibrer?

Raduan: At Vibrer, we recognize the challenges faced by artists and music enthusiasts in a rapidly changing industry. Our core mission is to establish a lasting, dynamic platform that supports musical exploration, creation, and community building. Vibrer is designed as a comprehensive ecosystem for music creators and lovers, offering features like dynamic profiles, content sharing, live concerts, online contests, and live streaming, alongside opportunities for artists to generate income through their creative endeavors. Our focus is on fostering a community where creativity and engagement are at the forefront.

Our strategic roadmap underscores our commitment to growth and innovation, detailing a phased approach to enhance user experience—from initial features like user profiles and contests to more advanced functionalities, including artist monetization and a dedicated mobile app. This roadmap is our promise to adapt and evolve in response to our community’s needs and the unpredictable digital landscape.

Vibrer is more than a platform; it’s a movement dedicated to bridging music and communities across the globe, ensuring a harmonious future for music and social interaction. We aim to meet today’s demands while being agile enough to grow with our users, understanding that factors like market reception and competition influence our journey.

Music Authentic: Turning back to the ongoing singing contest: what type of singers are you looking for and what in what genres?

Raduan: Vibrer’s singing contest is open to all singers keen to share their musical passion and talent. We embrace a wide array of musical styles, from pop and rock to classical and hip-hop, celebrating the diversity of our musical community. Our goal is to spotlight emerging talents and established artists alike, offering a stage where they can connect with a global audience and gain wider recognition.

We invite singers of all backgrounds to participate, offering a unique chance to showcase their skills, engage with fans, and explore new opportunities. Join us in this vibrant celebration of music diversity—sign up at and let your talent shine!

Music Authentic: Before we go, what is the message you really want people hear?

Raduan: As we look ahead, Vibrer’s message to artists, music lovers, and our global community is clear: we stand for hope, connection, and opportunity. Music’s unique ability to unite, express, and transcend knows no bounds, and we’re committed to fostering a world where every artist can share their voice, and every form of music is celebrated.

Vibrer is more than a platform; it’s a community where creativity, diversity, and genuine connections thrive. We’re dedicated to providing a space where music blossoms, artists feel supported, and fans discover music that resonates deeply.

For anyone dreaming of music, seeking discovery, or believing in community power, Vibrer is your sanctuary. We invite you to join us in shaping a limitless musical world. This journey is only beginning, and we’re excited to embark on it with you.

Your passion and creativity are the heartbeat of Vibrer, inspiring a shared vision of extraordinary possibilities. Welcome to Vibrer, your music’s home.

Music Authentic: Thank you for your time! We will definitely tune in to Vibrer time to time.

Raduan: Thanks for the warm welcome! Sharing our journey and vision for Vibrer with the Music Authentic community has been a true delight. We’re energized by the support and eager to welcome more members into our vibrant community, where music and creativity flourish. Vibrer isn’t just a platform; it’s a thriving family of artists and music lovers. Dive into our world, discover incredible talents, and perhaps find your new favorite artist. Together, we’ll make every note and voice matter. Join us on Vibrer to be part of this melody-filled adventure!

For more details and to become a part of our community, visit Vibrer’s website.

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