Only a few musicians are real artists and even fewer dare to walk their on path instead of vanities. Emanuel Arzumanyan is a rare species, a one of a kind, coming with keen interest in the roots of humanity both in history and in our soul. Being a versatile instrumentalist and composer, working in the music sphere of the life, somehow he managed to keeping it real and focusing on what truly matters. We’ve had a great conversation where his sincerity also come across together with that positive attitude the world is so much in need of these days. As he is about to release his brand new symphonic death-metal EP, I could already listen to a great piece from, it’s time to get to know him and his thoughts. It’s a good read, so, brave on!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Awesome to meet you after listening to a piece of the upcoming new EP!

Emanuel Arzumanyan: Thank you for the warm welcome to Music Authentic! I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoyed a piece of my upcoming EP. It’s always rewarding to have people connect with and appreciate my music. I can’t wait to release the album and share it with the world!

Music Authentic: I like your style, the look and the sincerity – all required standing out from today’s content-factory industry once called “music-business”… Where do you think it leads if the audience stays unwilling to want more and genuine rather than replaceable mediocrity?

Emanuel Arzumanyan: I’m grateful to hear that you appreciate my style and sincerity. In today’s rapidly changing music industry, there is an infinite amount of content being produced and consumed daily. The audience does have a say in what they consume and therefore, what becomes popular. While some may prefer easily accessible and replaceable mediocrity, there will always be those who value authenticity and substance in music. As a result, the music industry may continue to respond to market demands to a degree, but there will always be artists who strive for originality and ingenuity, and there will likely be an audience for them. At the same time, there may be a shift in the industry to prioritize quality over quantity, especially with the rise of alternative platforms that allow for greater artist autonomy and creative freedom. In a world where the music industry often prioritizes quantity over quality, it’s important to me to stand out by producing authentic and meaningful content.

Music Authentic: Personally, I prefer even so-called amateurs to so-called professionals if the former can connect me with their art, songs to a higher and more wholesome realm, with a fuller vibration… How about you?

Emanuel Arzumanyan: I can appreciate your sentiment regarding amateurs versus professionals in music. While technical skill and experience are important in creating high-quality music, what really matters is the ability of the artist to connect with their audience through their art, conveying emotions and messages that resonate on a deeper level. In my view, whether someone is an amateur or a professional is not nearly as important as their passion, creativity, and ability to craft music that inspires and uplifts their listeners. As long as an artist is creating music that speaks to the heart and soul and produces a fuller vibration, their status as either an amateur or professional is ultimately inconsequential.

Music Authentic: After so many years of learning, re-learning, preparation you started to build your own style relatively not long ago. What was the decisive, the turning point when you felt “OK, this is it, this is now, I’m doing it”?

Emanuel Arzumanyan: Well, it took me a while to find my own style and voice as a musician, and it was a long and sometimes challenging journey of learning, re-learning, and preparation. The turning point for me came when I realized that the most important thing was not to emulate the sound of others, but rather to create something that was uniquely my own. That realization allowed me to tap into my own creativity and to embrace my idiosyncrasies, ultimately leading me to the development of my own distinctive style. It was a process of trial and error, and in many ways, I’m still refining and evolving my style today. But that initial realization was a pivotal moment that gave me the confidence to be true to myself as a musician and to push beyond my boundaries.

Music Authentic: We were talking about how music is not only a love but a passion for you. Yet, on the other hand, it is a hassle, easily a treadmill. Can you and if yes how, distinguish between the necessary chores and the positive energy creation or sometimes it’s just too much and you need to put down your seven strings bass Ibanez?

Emanuel Arzumanyan: It’s true that music is not only a love but a passion for me, but at the same time, it can be a hassle and sometimes feel like a treadmill. When trying to distinguish between the necessary chores and the creative energy creation, I have found that it’s important to, first and foremost, listen to myself and my own needs. There are times when I push myself to get through necessary tasks like recording or marketing, even when I’m not in the mood, because I know that it’s important and necessary to progress in the music business. On the other hand, there are also times when the stress and pressure feel too overwhelming, and I know I need to step back and take a break to recharge my creative batteries. It can be tough to strike a balance between the two, but I try to tune into my intuition and to prioritize self-care when I feel like I’m reaching a breaking point. Ultimately, I believe it’s important to remain mindful of my relationship with music and to remember that while it can be a job, it’s also something that has the potential to bring immense joy and fulfillment into my life, and that’s what really matters.

Music Authentic: Mental clarity. You work as a producer, a songwriter and also as an engineer. How can you have the clear mindset and the white ears all the time? Is there a special retreat you go to every day? ☺

Emanuel Arzumanyan: First and foremost, I try to make sure that I am getting enough rest and taking care of my overall health. I find that when I am feeling physically and mentally well, I am better able to focus and stay alert during long recording/mixing/mastering sessions. Along with this, I also try to take breaks regularly to rest my ears and give my mind a break, even if it is just for a few minutes at a time. Additionally, I try to create a work environment that is conducive to good sound, which involves using high-quality equipment and setting up the studio in a way that minimizes outside noise and interference. This allows me to maintain the mental clarity and focus I need to produce the best possible music. I think it is essential to approach each project with a clear and focused mindset, that being said, it always helps to take a step back every now and then to refresh and recharge your mind and body.

Music Authentic: For way too long the US market dictated the taste and the best-selling music. Nowadays it seems that the Latin sounds and the European music are gaining more and more momentum not just with one-one industry products but with a vastness of new voices and performers. Do you also feel this tide?

Emanuel Arzumanyan: I totally agree that the US market has dominated the landscape of popular music, but in recent years, we have seen a shift towards greater diversity and a wider range of genres and styles gaining momentum, particularly in Latin and European music. As someone who is passionate about music and the diverse ways in which it can enrich our lives, I definitely feel this tide, and I am excited by the prospect of new voices and performers gaining recognition and finding success outside of traditional U.S. markets. Of course, it’s important to remember that there is no one “right” way to make music, and that different cultures and regions have their own unique soundscapes and musical traditions that contribute to the richness of our global music scene. As a composer/producer/guitar player & audio engineer, I am committed to exploring and incorporating a broad range of influences and sounds into my work, with the goal of creating music that is accessible and resonant across cultural and national boundaries.

Music Authentic: We were talking about before this interview that you like the sounds of traditional instruments. Which are the ones you can incorporate to your songs and like playing?

Emanuel Arzumanyan: Being Armenian, I’ve always had an appreciation for our traditional wind instrument, the Duduk. While I attempted to learn the Duduk in my childhood, I found the instrument challenging to master due to the difficulty of blowing the high-pressure wind and producing the desired sound. As a result, I turned my attention to piano and guitar lessons. I have incorporated Duduk elements into my music by requesting my keyboardist and orchestral arranger Francesco Antonelli to add some layers to my compositions. However, my passion lies in classical music, particularly full orchestral music. I’ve drawn inspiration from the works of classical music legends such as J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Gustav Holst and so on. I’ve always dreamed of combining the grandeur of full orchestras with progressive death metal music to produce a dynamic, high-energy sound, which is precisely what listeners can experience in my upcoming EP.

Music Authentic: The drive. Where is it coming from? When I talk to you I always feel that you have an endless source of energy to create something great, bring it down to Earth…

Emanuel Arzumanyan: I’m deeply passionate about my craft, and my drive and endless energy stem from the process of creating music and art in itself. It’s a magical feeling, something truly extraordinary about being able to create something out of seemingly nothing. The sounds I produce feel like they’re coming from the universe itself, or perhaps even from a higher power. It’s an incredibly humbling and inspiring experience, and the joy I feel when I reach the end of a project is akin to the happiness of a child. This is what motivates and inspires me – the ability to create something truly special that can inspire others and bring joy to people’s lives. Through my art, I strive to bring this magic down to earth and make it accessible to everyone.

Music Authentic: What is the point of music? What is the purpose in this nihilist world?

Emanuel Arzumanyan: Music has a magical quality that transcends the mundanity of our daily lives and elevates us to a higher plane of existence. In a world that can often feel chaotic and meaningless, music gives us a sense of purpose and helps us connect with our emotions and experiences on a deeper level. It’s a universal language that speaks to all of us, regardless of our background or beliefs. Through music, we can create beauty, evoke emotions, and inspire change. It has the power to bring people together, to heal and unite us in ways that no other art form can. In a nihilistic world, music offers hope and meaning. It is a beacon of light that reminds us of the beauty and wonder that exists within us and all around us, waiting to be discovered and celebrated.

Music Authentic: Now let’s talk about your upcoming album. It’s already almost inconceivable: a symphonic metal album with different flairs from the niche about historical legends, myths. Was it a dream you woke up from and you knew this is “it”, or was it a longer process to realize this is what you want?

Emanuel Arzumanyan: As a musician, my primary focus in creating an EP was first of all the instrumental composition. Thus, I began with guitars and worked my way up to bass, drums, harmonies, and so forth, until each main instrumental track was complete. I then enlisted the help of my colleague and orchestral arranger, Francesco Antonelli, to lend his expertise in adding synthesizers and orchestral arrangements to the tracks. Next, Richard Gray recorded his bass lines, Chris Bohm recorded the drums, and Carlos Damiano wrote and recorded his original solos.

With the instrumental components in place, I felt ready to add vocals to the EP. My intention was to create space for vocalization throughout the lyrics’ structure. As a result, I decided on incorporating two types of vocals: an aggressive, harsh growl/scream and a clean, raspy vocal. Initially, I had hoped to feature a female vocalist for the clean vocals, but after struggling to find an ideal fit, I chose male vocalist Mauro Elias. His range of vocals paired with his technical skill produced incredible renditions of the songs. I collaborated within Christopher Bone, the primary harsh vocalist and lyricist, to discuss our focus on exploring ancient civilizations and their destruction, rather than the original idea of fallen angels.

We envisioned a symphonic death metal EP layered with progressive elements, powerful riffs, shredding and melodic solos, and thought-provoking lyrics. Our first song, “Sleeping Giant,” was inspired by the destruction of Pompeii, with fiery embers, and catastrophic eruptions. For the second, we explored the mythical tale of Atlantis and labeled it as “Ravenous Sea,” conveying the destructive power of the ocean. The third song explored the city of Iram of the Pillars, influenced by the sacred text of the Koran, and was titled “Atlantis of The Sands” to depict the rugged desert. Finally, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, from the Bible, was our inspiration behind the fourth song, “Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah,” signifying the sins of humanity and god’s punishment.

Throughout the entire recording process, we had the fortune of working with Federico Maraucci, an incredible audio engineer. His skills were unparalleled and enhanced the entire EP. Federico worked his magic on each track, mixing and mastering until every note and beat was perfect. As a result, the EP was not simply well-crafted, but a true masterpiece in every sense. With the added complexity of the thought-provoking theme, the EP offered a unique and immersive experience for our listeners.

Music Authentic: You are working with acclaimed, international artists. Who are they and how can you get them together to record?

Emanuel Arzumanyan:Well, while I already knew some of them, many of the members on my team were brought together through social media. Surprisingly, we were able to record our track without even being in the same location or a commercial recording studio. Nowadays, you don’t need a fancy studio to get the job done; if you have the necessary recording gear, you can record from the comfort of your home.

My team consists of six talented individuals from around the world. Francesco Antonelli, my keyboardist, and orchestral arranger is from Spain. My lead guitarist, Carlos Damiano, hails from Venezuela, and Richard Gray, my skilled bassist, from the UK. I have two vocalists, Christopher Bone, my harsh vocalist/lyricist also from the UK, and Mauro Elias, my clean vocalist from Argentina. Rounding out the group is Chris Bohm, my skilled drummer from the USA.

Music Authentic: Now, that the album is coming out, how do you feel?

Emanuel Arzumanyan: I am feeling excited and proud now that the EP is finally coming out. It has been a long journey of hard work and creativity, and I cannot wait for people to hear the music we have been working on. I hope that our audience will enjoy the songs and appreciate the effort we have put into making this EP.  So, overall, I am feeling great and looking forward to the release of the album.

Music Authentic: Will you tour with this? Can we expect some thematic music video as well?

Emanuel Arzumanyan:Although I’m enthusiastic about the idea of touring, it’s currently too early to plan for it. I’d like to focus on releasing our EP first and see what kind of opportunities come our way. However, if we are presented with the opportunity to tour with the full members, I will be thrilled to do so. At the moment our priority is to put our music out there and work towards achieving success in the industry. Unfortunately, it is not currently feasible for me to create a full band music video since I am funding the project entirely out of my own pocket. It would be difficult to finance the entire production by hiring a video company and paying for the expenses of other artists to come to one location. However, I have come up with an alternative plan to create several visual pieces to accompany the music.

I am planning to shoot a guitar playthrough of the first song “Sleeping Giant” with my lead guitarist, Carlos Damiano, and a guitar/keyboard playthrough of the second track, “Ravenous Sea,” with my keyboardist, Francesco Antonelli. For the remaining 3rd and 4th songs, I plan to create lyric videos to accompany them. While this may not be a full band music video, I am confident that these visual pieces will still be an exciting addition to our music.

Music Authentic: Before we go, do you have any encouraging words to aspiring musicians or those who just want to start out now?

Emanuel Arzumanyan: For any aspiring musician or anyone who wants to pursue music, I cannot stress enough the importance of being passionate, persistent, and proactive. Pursuing music is not an easy task, but it is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences you can have in your life. Take every opportunity you can find to improve your craft, whether it’s through practicing your instrument or learning new techniques and skills. Be persistent in pursuing your dream, and don’t let setbacks discourage you from trying again. Use social media and other online platforms to showcase your music and find new opportunities to grow your audience. Most importantly, always believe in yourself and your talent. Before anyone else can believe in you, you must believe in yourself. If you do the work and stay dedicated to your craft, opportunities will come your way. So, go out there and pursue your passion with everything you have. Your dedication and hard work will pay off in the end, and you’ll find success in ways you never thought possible.

Music Authentic: Hope to see you again soon!

Emanuel Arzumanyan: Thank you for having me, and I hope to see you again soon.

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