With its new wave flair and pMad‘s trademark intensity, ‘Missing‘ is an infectious entry point to the artist’s deeply personal songwriting. It is an evolution for this Irish post-punk artist, a kind of “lighter tone existential entertainment”. It is still the very same “gothic-rock” artist with his unmistakable, trademark vocals that drives the raw emotional intensity of “Missing”, yet this time it’s a bit more radio-friendly territory akin to the iconic new wave sounds of early U2 and Depeche Mode.

“‘Missing’ is a catchy yet introspective view on how we can overlook meaningful connections until they’re gone and life itself.”

The track’s dense and fast rhythms combined with a somewhat catchy tune shine out pMad’s musicianship as it reflects anthemically to the current era and what it takes to live in it. Yes, it’s more philosophical lyricism than we got used to from other “music industry products”. The lurking question of “why” comes with unease and detachment of overlooking meaningful connections until they’ve disappeared.

For longtime pMad fans, “Missing” will sound fresh and different, a step further from his typical gloomy, gothic artistry he’s revered for. But the comparatively upbeat, new wave-inspired sound also beckons new audiences to discover pMad’s powerful songwriting through more accessible means. Once thing is for sure: pMad never compromises his integrity.

Ultimately, “Missing” is the perfect radio-friendly song for the masses and probably a song the play on repeat in the car. pMad accomplishes the rare feat of being both a psychological mirror and an engaging, melodic entry point – challenging audiences to confront their inner emotional voids yet still tapping feet along the way.

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“With its new wave flair and pMad’s trademark intensity, ‘Missing’ is an infectious entry point to the artist’s deeply personal songwriting.”