More and more reviewers are stunned by Safe Haven‘s debut single, Barry Bandz, and indeed, it’s a fresh, energetic, positive song. However, probably the most captivating is the story behind it and how Safe Haven came to alive, in some senses literally As we sat down for this interview, I felt some newly found hope in this young generation: there are who strive to excel and want to constantly challenge their own boundaries to become better and more wholesome – while keeping the right kind of attitude and bright spirit. At least Safe Haven is like this. So, read on, it’s a story you don’t hear everyday. And in the meantime, click on this fresh single, Barry Bandz, it’s a good one!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! I’ve just listened to your debut single, Barry Bandz. Good drive and sound! Was it an easy choice to pick this as the very first one?

Safe Haven: Super easy. The timing really made the most sense on this track. This song has a heavy baseball presence with references to legendary icons like Barry Bonds and Derek Jeter. Barry Bonds, also known as “Mr. 762”, holds the MLB record of 762 home runs. In addition, Bonds holds the single season record of 73 home runs. Juice or not, dude could flat out hit. Derek Jeter, hall of famer and New York legend, boasts an impressive resume as well, winning five World Series titles, five gold gloves, five silver sluggers and earning 14 all-star selections. The start of the MLB season started on March 28th. So yeah, I essentially used that date as a nice invitation to start my music career. And to that I say… Thank you sports!

Music Authentic: Sounds like a real plug! It’s usually a lot of sleepless nights when something close to an artist’s heart gets released to the public. How do you feel now as it has just been released?

Safe Haven: You know, it’s funny you say that. I am so passionate about all this music stuff here and recently I have just felt, over the last year or so, just so comfortable in who I am as a human being. I’m honestly super happy and grateful to be able to do all of this here, to create and empower. I’m sure I’ll talk about my struggle through vocal cord paralysis later in the interview, but I’m just super excited for people to finally hear my music and appreciate all of the hard work and attentiveness to the style, vocals, beat selection and overall production of each individual track. The flow, speed and wordplay in my debut single “Barry Bandz” really was the driving force behind its quick success. I was actually talking to my engineer Rey the other day – quick shout out to my engineer Rey – he’s the guy who actually fueled my love for music again. Man is just a dope human being and a musical genius… but, yeah… we were talking about the style of my music and how unorthodox everything was. Every session I’m searching for something that’s never been seen or heard before. So you never really know what to expect with my music, but that’s the fun and creative part of it all. It helps me to stay in a creative state of mind where I have the flexibility to switch up my tone, add instruments and just have fun along the way to help bring more life to the track.

Music Authentic: It is indeed important to enjoy this whole journey. Here is an inevitable question: why now?

Safe Haven: Well, I guess this is “later in the interview” (laughing). I do want to speak on my struggle through vocal cord paralysis. To keep it short: my whole life up until, about my senior year of high-school, I dealt with vocal cord paralysis as a result of, what is believed to be, physical trauma that had occurred during my birth. But I am no doctor and this isn’t Grey’s Anatomy. Basically, my voice was a faint whisper at best and it progressively got worse through my early teenage years. So yeah, you ask “Why not?”. Well, I didn’t have a voice for one (smiling), but I also needed to live my life a bit. I had to allow myself to learn from my trials and tribulations. I spent my whole life worrying about the health and well-being of others and I neglected my own mental health and well-being in the process. So, why now? I ask: why not? I got a story here and if I have to use music as a vessel to inspire and spread love, then so be it! They can call me crazy. They can call me whatever they want. I’m fine with the hate because I know that most people don’t have the guts to even attempt to do what I’m doing. Hate me or love me, I’ve never been more driven and inspired in my entire life than this exact moment.

Music Authentic: The music industry is what its name suggests: a treadmill, an assembly line and majority in it are working at the bottom of the factory. How much do you feel yourself as an artist and how much do you think you need to adapt to the system?

Safe Haven: I’m really not trying to adapt to any type of system or set of guidelines. Listen, I’m comfortable in who I am and who I can become as an artist. I don’t want to rush or force anything during the creative process. My focus is to make quality music and create unique, clean clothing all in an effort to bring awareness to the Safe Haven brand as a whole. I’m not focused on confining to the industry’s expectations of how I should be or how I should act. I am okay with where I am at and I feel incredible as an artist. I’m more motivated than ever. Also, on a side note, my surgeon told me that there is no guarantee that my vocal cords will be like this forever so that’s just added motivation for me to create and inspire while I am still blessed enough to be able to do so.

Music Authentic: “To make it” is a common answer for many when asked why they are writing music. What about you? I hear you when you say it’s a great experience now, but still, is there a specific dream or exact goal?

Safe Haven: I know this is going to sound cheesy or people might take it like “Oh, brother. This kid is so full of it”, but my overall goal in life is to spread light to the larger masses. I have a story here and I want to teach people about the true power of the human spirit. I want someone to see my story: a kid who could barely even whisper in high school and take that as motivation to feel empowered in their own life. I want people to see my story and be grateful and appreciative of everything that they have in their own lives rather than focusing on everything that they don’t. If I have to use music for people to hear my story, then I am going to continue to have fun doing it!

Music Authentic: Love the attitude! It’s a hassle to be seen and heard and can lead to burnout if one is shying away from the reality replacing it with daydreams and vanities. In this rather saturated market with many out there who makes “content” instead of genuine music, how can you stay sane, brave, bright and determined?

Safe Haven: My outlook is different in a sense that I create music from a place of gratitude. For the love of music, truly. The ability for me to create music is a blessing within itself. Something that doctors told me I would never be able to do some years ago. I live every day blessed for the opportunity to be able to reach for the stars and continue to chase my dreams. So it’s really my own life perspective that keeps me determined and focused on making genuine music. I can only control what I can control, you know. I move forward in hopes that one day I can use music as a vessel to connect me with other amazing individuals with struggles of their own. And to anyone who made it this far, if you’re struggling through something of your own, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up. I didn’t. You have more life to live, so get on living it. If your unable to do that, I pray that you find the help that you need. You deserve it.

Music Authentic: Art and music are here to build bridges through real, meaningful connections. I know that you had a period in your life when things were less than easy and took special efforts to keep afloat inside. What music or songs helped you get through, or better, who?

Safe Haven: Oh man, there have been so many influences as to why I am the way that I am, as an artist and human being. Let me think. Actually, this is oddly specific, but “2009” by Mac Miller was a very special song that helped me get through some dark times in my life. Mac’s vulnerability in that song was so raw and authentic. It felt like he was just letting his soul pour out. It was incredible to hear him flow through that pain and struggle in his voice. One of my favorite quotes from that song was when Mac said, “Buy a lot of things just to fill all the ugly”. I felt that, bro. Because that is the society that we live in. So many people use money to cover their scars, trauma and insecurities. I remember growing up I was always hustling for some extra cash, ever since about middle school. But in doing so, I neglected my own mental health. Honestly, regardless of my income, I always had the same issues battling with mental health problems. I found out at an early age that, while it does help, money will never solve mental/internal issues. That requires time and patience. And hearing Mac struggle in his own life, even with all the money and success, it made me feel a little less crazy and alone. Thank you for always being you, Mac. Rest in peace, legend.

Music Authentic: Good you found a way other than vanity to get out of that spiral. Where does your inner strength come from?

Safe Haven: Listen, I want to be as transparent as I can when I say this: I’m really as broken as they come. And I don’t say that for people to feel bad for me or anything like that. I don’t want to sit here across from you right now and act like I’m something that I’m not. I may preach a lot of positive things, but I’ve hurt many people in my life with the actions that I have chosen. I am a constant work in progress. But as I get older and feel more comfortable in who I am as a human being, I have noticed that the healing process has become easier. The ability to forgive myself and find peace in my decision making is like a 360 turn from who I used to be a few years ago. I’m in an amazing place right now. And I am blessed to be able to sit here and speak with you. Life is good.

Music Authentic: Well, this is what you mostly never hear from any other artist, this level of clarity and openness. Now that you are free to create, free to be heard, what stories do you want to share?

Safe Haven: I do have stories that I want to share, but I’m going to let my music do the talking for me. As an artist, I really just want people to “feel” something when they hear my music. I want someone to hear a song from me and feel some type of positive, physical experience. Get someone’s head bumping or put a smile on someone’s face, you know. To be able to create and share a type of music that’s really hard to put a genre on. Different flows. Unique sampling. My music is definitely unorthodox, but nonetheless, I want people to feel and catch a vibe when they hear it. That’s why I chose the name Safe Haven. I wanted my music to be just that for people, a safe haven.

Music Authentic: Interestingly, you start your music career together with your own fashion brand/clothing line. Who is the target audience, with whom do you feel connected to the most?

Safe Haven: Here at Safe Haven, we are dedicated to the comfort and quality of our products. That sounds good and commercial, right? (laughing) The best part about this brand is that there isn’t a “target” audience. The clothing itself was made for all shapes, sizes and genders. The brand is clear, clean and precisely centered around the name “Safe Haven”. The strive for perfection is really what makes this brand stand out from the rest, down to each individual fabric. I don’t want to be that guy that’s like “Hey, I make music. I’m an artist. Buy my merchandise” and then you get a package with two strings and a bowl of soup at your doorstep. Nothing is worse than a SoundCloud rapper who sells cheap merch to his or her fans and the fabric falls off within the first few days. I want to have a brand that people are proud to wear because it’s dope and comfortable. As a young entrepreneur, I’m trying to get myself involved in as many as different avenues as possible. I don’t want to give too much away, but tune into my discord and follow my social media accounts for more information. I’ll be adding discounts and dropping free merch on all of my social media accounts. Yeah, free merchandise, you know, all the things that a good salesman should provide for his customers. (smiling)

Music Authentic: All these sound quite a big undertaking. How do you recharge, what’s your “secret” to keep energized?

Safe Haven: Receiving fan love and positive messages from all of my supporters really helps to keep me focused and determined as an artist. As an independent artist, there is a lot that we put on the line for the love of art and music. So when people hear the music and say “You made that?!” and respond with positivity, that is always enough for me to keep my spirits lifted because this road can get very lonely and isolating at times. My supporters really make all of the hard work worth it. And with all of that in mind, I promise to go as far as my brain and vocals will allow me to go.

Music Authentic: What is coming for you now? More singles, EP, full album, smaller gigs, and music videos?

Safe Haven: We are just getting started here. Album, live performances, visuals. I smile when I say that because people really don’t understand how deep my music catalog has gotten since I first started. My life changed when I stopped talking about it and dove head first into the music industry. The studio became my second home. I invested, and I continue to invest, in myself because I know that I deserve better for myself and all of the people who support me deserve the best version of me. I’m extremely blessed to have had so much success on my first single and I just want to thank you all, anyone who supports the Safe Haven brand. Soon I’ll be releasing some big news regarding my new single “Barry Bandz” so definitely stay tuned on that. I promise it’ll all be worth the wait!

Music Authentic: As we say goodbye, what are the things you feel your sympathizers, fans should hear?

Safe Haven: Man, I love y’all. I have nothing, but amazing things to say about all of the support that I have received on my first debut single! So much more to come, but I am absolutely blessed and grateful for all of my newly found supporters from across the globe. To even have my music reach different parts of the world… It’s all so overwhelming to me knowing how far I have come in my own life. I can’t wait to share all of the music that I’ve culminated over the years and just, before I go, one more message to all of my fans. Thank you. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to be able to do all of this here. And thank you for giving me this platform to share my story. Forever in debt to you, sir.

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