Trespasser is a young band living the all time dream of togetherness and creativity while enjoying the live performances all around. They sound original, genuine and embrace their artistic growth. As their fresh single “Man” is out now, we took the time for talk a bit about their band, music and what they like the most. What is for sure, they are one of the most audience centered bands these days! So, read on and to set the mood, listen to their Live At Highside Workshop album, it’s a good one!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Before this interview I’ve tuned on with your live sets on YouTube and the albums on Bandcamp. It feels you always work for the audience and kinda never give up…

Trespasser: That’s us 🙂

Music Authentic: I’ve read about you that you thrive performing live. Who decides the setlist, is there any fight over some songs?

Trespasser: Our bass player, Natalia usually writes the setlist, and then we make edits if we feel we need to. We don’t tend to fight, but we’ve definitely had disagreements over what to play. In general, we try to prioritize new songs or upcoming releases, but we have about 30 songs in rotation at any given time. Every set is a bit different, so our fans never see the same show twice.

Music Authentic: Now that you are releasing the brand new song, “Man”, do you have high expectations? After all, it’s once again a bit different sound, a bit more fusion and more funky but with a ‘90s drive and sound…

Trespasser: People have really loved it when we play it live, so we hope it’ll do well when it’s officially released. We think it sort of represents our sound and aesthetic, so if people like it, they’ll like the rest of our catalog. It’s also one of the more pop-influenced songs we have, so if anything’s gonna do well, it’ll be “Man“.

Music Authentic: You’ve come far from the “Clay Rodgers Band” and as with all the bands who are stepping up, line-ups tend to change. How about you, is this a permanent friendship and you plan to go on for a full lifetime together or there are other projects for some in the mix, too?

Trespasser: Trespasser is definitely everyone’s main band, but we all have side projects or solo stuff. We’re all in this for the long haul: we’re here to go to the top. We all live in the same apartment, so we’ve grown very close and consider each other to be dear friends.

Music Authentic: Lately, there is a growing trend for true indie artists, the ones like Oliver Anthony, who have tremendous support by attentive fans despite their unwillingness to stand in the line for the music industry. Is Trespasser working for a good record deal now or maybe there is something else, more meaningful in it for them?

Trespasser: If someone wants to pay us to make music, we’d certainly be open to that. For now, though, we plan on staying independent. We don’t have any sort of ideological opposition to signing with a label, but it’d have to be a good deal. We’re not going to be scammed. Our main priority is making our art, playing good shows, and continuing to rise as a band.

Music Authentic: You are undeniably very young yet your idols and musical roots are from a truly different era, some might even say a greater and more free one. Does it mean you are old souls?

Trespasser: We do take inspiration from newer artists too, it’s just a little less visible. Especially on some of the newer material, we’ve been cultivating a more contemporary sound. One of our goals is to combine the older styles with more current sounds, creating a unique mesh of both.

Music Authentic: I always appreciate those who aren’t just partying senselessly but creating something more meaningful that might even bond other humans on a higher level. But it’s also true, making music is a hassle, an especially draining treadmill where most of the rules are not for the benefit of the musicians. How do you cope? What ways do you tend to choose to relax and regain energy?

Trespasser: Shows definitely help us a lot in that regard. The internet is always stressful, but playing a good show to an audience that loves us is always rewarding. We’re much more confident in our live sound than our recorded material- to get the real experience, you have to see us in person.

Music Authentic: Turning back to your new song, “Man”, it sounds like a reflection to the times we live in with a little bit of twist on the nose. Why this song and not let’s say another “Dreams” or “Running”? After all, those well walked paths…

Trespasser: Man” is definitely more radio-friendly and pop-esque than some of our other songs. It’s got a catchy riff, a chorus hook, all the regular markings of a pop song. We tried to put our touch on it though, we’re not just selling out. Matt’s guitar solo in the third verse, for example, helps us keep our renegade sort of vibe while being accessible and polished.

Music Authentic: As for the lead vocals, there is an uncanny resemblance to David Duchovny from example in King Caroline. Intentional or this is how you brood in Americana and indie-country? 😉

Trespasser: It is not intentional, but we can see how you came to that conclusion. Clay really only started singing (and playing guitar) when the band formed, so they definitely sing a very particular style. They aren’t a born-and-raised singer, they just do what is needed for the band.

Music Authentic: New song, “Man”, is here, what about Trespassers, where we can see you this year? Will you sail over to the old continent, too?

Trespasser: Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans to play in Europe as of now, but if someone wants to buy us some plane tickets we’d love to come!

Music Authentic: There is a lot of fun and friendship coming through the band photos and videos. How can folks be the part of it, where can they get your T-shirts, mugs or barely used guitar picks and drumsticks?

Trespasser: DM us an address on Instagram or send us an email and we can get you some merch! People can get stickers and shirts at our shows, but we don’t have an online shop yet. Follow us on Instagram for regular updates and show dates 🙂

Music Authentic: Before we go, is there any upbeat message you can say to your fans, sympathizers?

Trespasser: Be yourself! Stay Positive! Do whatever you want! Break the Law! Trespasser!

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