“Aspects and Echoes” is the latest alternative hard rock EP by A Million Little Fires.

Following their album “Sanction’d,” this release greatly expands their musical universe beyond their debut EP, “Momentary Relapse” – a notable entry for rock music enthusiasts.

“Aspects and Echoes” presents a new sound from A Million Little Fires, surprising the listener on several levels. The futuristic hard rock, filled with sharp arpeggios, sequences, and a unique ambiance crafted for Jay Douglas’ lead vocals, captivates the listener instantly. The band’s drive is unstoppable, and every fine detail has its place – nothing is overdone, but rather, well-thought-out and composed. As with every A Million Little Fires song, the delivery is the key and it is fresh, energetic and full frontal. Their trademark grand and catchy choruses carry this EP all the way.


“We Live To Fight Again” kicks off with neo-synths and arpeggios, laying the foundation for the surprising nu-metal-inspired guitars and a big, bold, heavy chorus. The band becomes instantly relatable with their no-holds-barred delivery. The mix keeps it radio playable and Jay Douglas gives a respectful nod to Chester Bennington. A surprising and on point choice for an EP starter.

The heavier “All I Want” is a balancing act between power metal and futuristic rock storytelling. The verses are emptied out for the banger big chorus vocals that are designed to sing along. The kick and bass endeavour almost to sub bass as a secret for this song counterbalancing the ’80s synth sounds.

Sounding like a futuristic, contemporary version of the previous track, “maybe I’M a MONSTER” is a potential hit for today’s youth. With more fills and fresher synths it helps the break that might be a question for some.

A classic heavy metal theme underpins “AnyThInG / EveRyThiNg,” which is coloured with modern synth sounds while still maintaining a Whitesnake/Poison-like resemblance.

Designed and written as a heavy hitter, “Delusion” is a refreshing difference in the EP, it feels and sounds like the real own, unique sound of A Million Little Fires. This is how hard rock should sound in 2024. The band is sharp, the emptied verses are full of tension and all the surrounding themes are well-written and layered over and next to each other serving the build up to the memorable chorus.

“self : aware” is a bit of an outlier; it seems as though the real song starts at the bridge – the best part of the EP – with its meaningful lines. It’s a hard rock banger that might sound best live.

Choosing “I can’t SAVE YOU” for the wind-down was a wise decision. It has the strongest storytelling in the verses, somehow stronger than the chorus, an artistic choice that takes some getting used to after the previous songs.


Ultimately, “Aspects and Echoes” is a fine production, offering immaculate entertainment not only for Nine Inch Nails and Linkin Park fans but for all music lovers.  A Million Little Fires is full of life and their music is energizing, perfect choice for any live venues and festivals. Their brand new EP offers an emotional ride that is entertaining to the highest level, good choice for fitting playlists, house-parties and travels.


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