In the ever-changing musical landscape, artists who can artfully blend their roots with contemporary sensibilities often find themselves captivating audiences. Today we introduce Paul Dillon, the creative force behind pMad, who has achieved wider recognition as his sound resonates with mainstream listeners with his latest single,”Missing”. Those haunting melodies and lyrics that get you thinking – that’s him at his best. Dillon’s musical journey began with bands like The Suicidal Dufflecoats and The Greeting, where he honed his unique style, which is deeply rooted in the post-punk and gothic rock genres.

However, what came after wasn’t a straight path for him.

As life happened, he rearranged his priorities, and only during the pandemic did he start to lay the foundation for his solo project, pMad. This very project finally granted him the creative freedom to explore more personal themes and push the boundaries of his artistic expression.

pMad’s debut album, “Who Why Where What,” marked Dillon’s first steps as a solo artist, with an eclectic style and an unusual musical vision. For his debut album, he had eight original tracks and five remixes. It nodded to that classic 80s goth-punk sound but with a decidedly modern twist, mixing in some darkwave, post-punk, and indie rock vibes.

Missing,” the standout single from pMad’s second album, “I in Power,” represents a significant artistic leap in Dillon’s musical journey. Released on April 5, 2024, the track skillfully interweaves his gothic roots with a fresh new wave flair, resulting in a sound that has quickly gained momentum on playlists and radio stations worldwide. The song’s introspective lyrics about longing and the human tendency to overlook the value of relationships until they are no longer present, recall a familiar feeling for many listeners.

What sets “Missing” apart is Dillon’s ability to infuse his signature sound with a more accessible soundscape. The song pumps the rhythm to move and the catchy melody can be whistled almost in an instant;  people are eating this track up, critics and fans alike. I saw one fan comment calling it “a hauntingly beautiful reflection on the fragility of human connections” – pretty deep stuff, right? But also just a straight-up memorable tune.

Beyond his music, Dillon keeps in touch with his tribe through various platforms. For example, his appearances on The Neoborn Caveman Show are where we really get a sense of his personality. Having a great sense of humor and a down-to-earth view on life really make him relatable. As he frequently says, it helps connect with the fanbase. Additionally, his own radio special, where he introduces indie artists, highlights his commitment to the music community and his passion to support upcoming new talent.

As “Missing” continues to gain momentum, pMad is poised for even greater success. Dillon’s plans include releasing more new music, exploring different sonic landscapes while staying true to his post-punk and gothic rock roots. Fans can expect more introspective and profound tracks that push the boundaries of his established sound, accompanied by immersive live performances and interactive digital content designed to deepen the connection with his audience.

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