INVITIA‘s latest single, ‘Love Letters’, has a heartfelt Britpop sound. ‘Love Letters’ follows INVITIA’s previous hit ‘Calling Your Name’ with more mature songwriting and immaculate production. Alexei Reverberi’s mix and master elevate the song to the top shelf for radio rotations and playlists. The surprising choice of a male singer pays off well with Josh Paulino; his emotional delivery is just right, not on the nose – a rare treat these days.

INVITIA’s storytelling follows the contemporary song structure; he doesn’t waste time, and the poetic first verse grabs attention instantly. The first twist comes when the big chorus is cut short and morphs into the second verse. As the beat pumps up the adrenaline, it’s impossible to resist singing and dancing along. This clearly demonstrates the song’s powerful drive. The biggest trick is when, after the short break, INVITIA comes back with the memorable verse line instead of a bridge – a refreshing idea.

The arrangement is healthy, with quite an interesting use of rock-ish elements cleverly layered into the mix, in this otherwise dancefloor banger. This proves to be a promising step up for INVITIA’s songwriting.

Now the question remains: how to categorize a song that could have a dance remix and also work in an arena by emphasizing its rock elements? After all, it has relatable poetic lyrics and could easily fit into the portfolios of Lewis Capaldi, Luchi, or even Benson Boone. The answer is: it is INVITIA all around. ‘Love Letters’ shows he has what it takes to stay among the best.

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