I’ve decided to cover him monthly until the end of 2024 because he is one of the most complex, fun guys I’ve ever met. His new album ”Hot Damn!’‘ is absolutely addictive, as is talking to him. It’s in New York City, this time, that I catch up with him, as he prepares to march for Pride while launching an LGBTQ themed duet with Stonewall Inn resident DJ and activist Chauncey Dandridge

Music Authentic: Van, how’s NYC treating you?

Van Hechter: Always so well. I love it here. I’m right in front of Central Park, I’m thrilled to see my NYC gym buddies again, my 2 favorite Italian restaurants are nearby. As usual, the street fashion is amazing. Plus music is everywhere, especially in the summer time. Good music, too!

Music Authentic: Tell me about your new duet with Chauncey Dandridge…

Van Hechter: It’s about how superficial some relationships are, in the gay community. We all know someone who bounces from one boyfriend to the next without ever questioning themselves… It’s like every time you meet them, they are restarting their lives with a new person. As in all songs, I stage myself in the role of the fool. There’s a rap bit, between Chauncey’s verses, where I describe how many loves I’ve had in a year- there’s a Golden Girls pun in it too- just for laughs. Title is ”From Love to Love to Love” and it comes out on all platforms, July 4th! Chauncey and I wanted that date. We typically have dinner together on Independence Day. We’re truly ”Disco Brothers” at this point. It’s way more than a collaboration between two fags, hahahaha!

Music Authentic: You marching for Pride on June 30th…

Van Hechter: Yes, and I was told to dress like a prince because I’d be walking alongside royalty! I love it. Plus, I know exactly how to do that! NYC march is most important to me. Some years I’m on a float, others on the pavement. The energy from that day keeps me alive in hard times, keeps me hoping when in doubt. And New Yorkers are so good at solidarity.

Music Authentic: What else is on the agenda while you’re here?

Van Hechter: Well, I have to meet with my agent. I have to meet the team with whom I’ve begun to plan great things next fall/winter. I have a lot of friends to see. Oh, and I can’t miss Roller Disco Sunday in Central Park! It’s on each week.

Music Authentic: Why do you always look so perfect?

Van Hechter: It takes me 2 hours to look like this. And I do it for you because I know you like it. I could do it in about 45 minutes but I like to shower extensively and really take my time. I know this is very bad for the environment but on the other hand I’ve never owned a car, never will, I never waste food and I use very little electricity. So- ya know: trying to balance things out.

Music Authentic: I read in a French interview that you’d been doing your makeup exactly the same way since you were 17!!!! Back then what did people think? Also, why did you start wearing makeup to begin with?

Van Hechter: Yes. I studied old male icons from the 40’s and 50’s. Their makeup wasn’t feminine at all. It was engineered to bring out more masculinity to their natural traits. By age 17 I’d figured out a ”face” for myself and I’ve always stuck to it. Strangely in the USA this ”attention to detail” has always been celebrated. People have always stopped me on the street to ask what in hell I did to my skin. Ironically, it was in Canada that I took most crap! I remember buying a ton of concealers in downtown Montreal at a department store when I was 19: the sales lady said ”What kind of real man wears makeup?” as she was cashing in my dollars! Those were the days… Now Tom Ford has a line, many young guys of all sexuality enhance their skin with beauty products. I think it’s great. As to why? Well: it’s my war paint! When in full face with no pores and a perfect mustache I feel confident, like I can take on the world!

Music Authentic: Do you remember what you thought of that sales lady, then?

Van Hechter: I remember exactly! I thought: ”You narrow-minded obsolete mediocrity! I’m going to be so hot one day, your granddaughters will want my child!”… Not to brag but a lot of girls in their early twenties flirt with me, even hint at how a baby from me would be beautiful… WIN! Hahahaha! She wasn’t intelligent enough to see beyond her prejudice.

Music Authentic: You know, you’re very unique…

Van Hechter: For better or worse, right? Hahaha! I think many of us are, really. Just a lot of people are scared to let their unicity shine, in case someone might disapprove… Like everyone I want to be loved. But I refuse to dilute my personality for anyone. It’s OK to not think like the masses!

Music Authentic: Last: what are you doing when you return to Montreal?

Van Hechter: Rehearsing for a tour, annoying my downstairs neighbor/adopted brother numerous times a week with my 3 minute pop-up visits at the end of the day (he’s the guy I wrote ”Hot Damn!” about), training like a crazy person to be in athletic shape by Fall, and plane enjoying the summer because it’s so darn short!

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