‘American’, the latest authentic country single by Big Bus Dream opened the hearts and raised some eyebrows. After all, standing up for something greater than our very own struggles and vanity is where genuine art and music can start. Mike Shannon’s band has been on our radar for years now, and we do love how they keep emerging and renewing. We took some time early this summer to talk and share some thoughts. And while you are reading it, listen to ‘American’, it’s a good one!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! How are you these days, during the complete shattering of America? Do you feel there is a chance to use it to re-establish the very ideas the Founding Fathers had?

Mike Shannon (Big Bus Dream): I think the shattering is necessary. I believe what’s referred to as the ideas of the founding fathers is a snapshot in time and a blurry one at best.

Music Authentic: Of course, the reason why I asked this right up front is because you just released your alternative country song ‘America’, a kind of authentic take of an everyday man on the events… how is the reception, can it bridge the gaps between the people, can music still heal?

Mike Shannon (Big Bus Dream): The reception to American has been strong. You know, like a snapshot, I think music can help you escape. It taps into personal memories. I feel the tune becomes a thinking person’s escape. The thing is, if the tune were a Chinese buffet, then there’d be a dish there for everyone; there’s your bridge in music.

Music Authentic: Personally, I like your introspective and retrospective songs in Big Bus Dream. How has your creative process changed since the beginnings?

Mike Shannon (Big Bus Dream): I’ve changed because I’m on the downside of life but the upside in my game. Mostly, the world has changed, and it picks up my hand and the songs write themselves. There is that much creative motivation out there.

Music Authentic: Where can you find the place to connect/re-connect to your higher self to write the songs? When I allow quiet

Mike Shannon (Big Bus Dream): When I look around, most of the contemporary music, art, movies, books seem to be meaningless or nihilist. Don’t you feel yourself an outsider of the industry? Or, maybe it is a good thing not to be owned by corporations so you can stay true? In life, I’ve always been behind the 8-ball. In creative arts (not business), I’ve always been, I believe, ahead of the 8-ball. It is not good being outside of the corporate driven club. It is a better shot at a truer legacy. Now, here’s where you come in, did you get the Porsche I sent ya.

Music Authentic: Now, a bit lighter question: there are two schools when it comes to vocals and mixing, one is blending it into the texture of the whole mix as it was just another instrument, the other one strives to make it always understandable and hearable. In a way the former is more of an American thing, the latter is more for the rest of the world. Where are you on this?

Mike Shannon (Big Bus Dream): Good question. In the middle. It is a more American thing brought on by the folk movement, then the singer songwriters like Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Taylor. I understand the story aspect of it, but I love the drive. I like the bottom movement. So, even if a vocal is up, I like to use it to continue this movement with the other instruments. This is, for me, more my thing. This is more a European club feel. This also, I feel, is the bridge/alternative to country

Music Authentic: Have you ever thought to collect your lyrics and have a songbook published?

Mike Shannon (Big Bus Dream): Yes. Do you know anyone??

Music Authentic: How much do we need to serve the audience as artists with entertainment or how much are we responsible to make them aware of the things and point towards hope, better thoughts?

Mike Shannon (Big Bus Dream): I think if you finger point, you need to be honest, include yourself in the big picture, include enough humor, a sign forward (it does not need to be a light) and have it all wrapped in a memorable melody – multiple melodies.

Music Authentic: In this sweltering summer, who do you like listening to?

Mike Shannon (Big Bus Dream): Over the last few months getting the last record out and currently writing a project, when not doing this, I listen to quiet.

Music Authentic: Where do you see Big Bus Dream next year? Gigs, tour, new album?

Mike Shannon (Big Bus Dream): A new video will be out this Summer. It will probably be for the tune, A Place in The Sun. The next album should be out January 2025. It’s to be called The Innocent. I’m pretty sure we can see where this is going.

Music Authentic: I can promise we’ll sponsor your ‘America’ into new radio and podcast episodes. Looking forward to your new songs and talk again soon!

Mike Shannon (Big Bus Dream): Thank you for your support. It means a lot.

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