Music Authentic is a different kind of website for musicians and artists. It’s all about being real, honest, giving actual thoughts and meaningful conversations – in the spirit of living for the sake of others.

There is a growing need all around for connection – Music Authentic aims to give you that, way beyond promotions. The site is growing step by step with more and more features and unique ideas about music, art, culture, history, humanity – and most importantly it is in search of what bring us together, what build lasting bridges to make this life more beautiful for each and every one of us, since our differences are what make us special, our uniqueness make us more united.

The site has started with real-life questions in interviews (written format) and the anthology series “The Year“. Music Reviews are coming up as well as podcasts and webcasts.

We have the Music Authentic Toplist which is a weekly refreshed Spotify songlist with a few selected songs from the artists appearing at the site (it can be directly listened from the website, too).

To appear on the site, you can support another artist’s appearance by paying it forward (just like in a Starbucks), that’s already an action beyond words one can do for someone else. And that is a way to re-create the life and world around us and to keep the lights up here (for more information contact in email or in Twitter).

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Music Authentic is founded by Neoborn Caveman.


You can listen to the Music Authentic Toplist directly from here, too:

Great artists, various music and genres!