Rebecca Ray’s cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” is the epitome of brave artistic renditions.

It is always a challenge to sing someone else’s song and although the music history is filled with different versions of originals, it is hard to find good ones. Since there is no point in repeating something already made, Rebecca Ray re-imagined the megahit “Flowers” into a James Bond-theme. She recreated it with a different arrangement, one that suits this new concept and serves her well.
The real key, magic and pure awesomeness are her vocals. As a trained, principled and experienced singer, Rebecca Ray has a versatile talent and of course she has the right voice for this song. Balancing between pop and bel canto styles she sounds effortless and fills the stage. The choice of a steamy, femme fatale act is wise and works. The master is clean, the mix tries to live up to her capabilities as this Bond-style “Flowers” builds up.
Very few can do what Miley Cyrus does. Rebecca Ray does something different in her version of “Flowers”: a unique, worthy, creative and professional big-stage performance, suitable for soundtracks and playlists.

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