„Feds Coming” is a fresh, genre-fitting trap-hop by ILL Ruckus ft. 2EazyTre.

The niche topic is greatly delivered non-explicitly by the two rappers ILL Ruckus and 2EazyTre. The latter one’s trademark flow is a good choice to this conversational storytelling. ILL Ruckus own parts are the most meaningful and his take on this situation-based story is well-delivered and ear-friendly, easy to follow his flow. Compared to his earlier works, “Feds Coming” is a step up to reach a wider audience both in live and in streaming.

The kicks sound just right and luckily not overproduced; the drum machine is well-mixed to provide the story’s tension, however, leaving place for the vocals making the lyrics more clear. The chemistry between ILL Ruckus and 2EazyTre is a key component in the song. The production is well-thought, utilizing the knowledge: less is more and as a songwriter ILL Ruckus knows well what needs to be more emphasized. Although it’s a good mid-tempo song, it does not feel rushed or lacking either. The story is genre specific and being non-explicit really serves “Feds Coming” well.

Ultimately, “Feds Coming” is a professional, fresh breath in this topic and good for driving, house parties, to some niche radios and for playlists. It would be an interesting idea to hear a live version from it. ILL Ruckus stepped his game up; this song might be a good watershed for him to get in front of a more mainstream audience.

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